At Studio S Design

Suzanne Martin, formerly with Luxury Living Studio Inc., has joined Penny Southam from Southam Designs at, a comprehensive design service for kitchens, baths and interiors, with a well equipped

Showroom Profile: Westend Bath and Kitchen

By Brian McCullough With a core team of talented designers, project management experts and sales people on staff, and a dozen experienced contract installer crews on call, stands out as Ottawa’s

The fireplace: Warmth is a beautiful thing

A fireplace is romantic. It’s soft. It casts a gentle light and makes everything rosy and cozy. It’s also a practical, simple, and cost-effective part of a home. So it’s probably

A sweet investment

By Francie Healey You might not think that a simple wooden deck would be such a big investment. Expensive? Yes, it can be. But it can increase the selling potential of

Showroom profile: Spectrum Kitchens . . . All those possibilities

By Francie Healy Lori Di Saverio, Sandra McLaurin, and Peter Summers have worked together in the kitchen and bath business for more than 25 years. And they say there’s never a

How to get the perfect kitchen

Renovating your kitchen can be an exciting, but overwhelming, prospect. How do you start? How do you know what you need, what you like, or – even more perplexing –

Renovator profile: Mike Martin — Making time for quality

By Francie Healy Mike Martin, still a young guy, has been in the renovation business for 30 years. But he figures he’ll never retire. He loves what he’s doing too much. Practically

Renovate . . . and then sell

By Natalie Belovic When you renovate your home, even if you don’t plan on selling it soon, you are also increasing its value. But if you are planning on selling in the

Bright ideas for Spring

By Francie Healey Some people love winter in Canada. And some people say the only good thing about it is the sweetness of Spring when it’s over. The thing is, no matter

About staircases: Beyond a one-size fits all project

Whether it acts as a centerpiece or simply as a means to travel from one floor level to the other, staircases play a significant role in a home’s