Tesla Powerwall now part of new OakWood-Holmes High Performance Initiative

Do you have a client that is planning a major renovation or new custom home project? Do they want the project to benefit from the most innovative solutions in energy-efficiency,

Green renovation: How to protect the future with your home

By Roy Nandram Natural resources are becoming more scarce and more expensive, and yet people are looking for increasing levels of comfort in their homes. Is there a way to have

The benefits of green homes

Green construction fills an important need; it offers a much-needed alternative to the status quo, which is essential, given the current state of the climate, new environmental protection laws, and

About staircases: Beyond a one-size fits all project

Whether it acts as a centerpiece or simply as a means to travel from one floor level to the other, staircases play a significant role in a home’s

Bring the indoors out

Would it be a covered outdoor kitchen, a big barbecue area, a swimming pool with a change house? A guest cabin? A screened-in gazebo? A sheltered reading/living/family area? A greenhouse?

The warmth and beauty of TMW

By Kim Murray Builders, renovators, architects and interior designers are always looking for unique ways to stand out from the crowd. Thermally Modified Wood (TMW) is one way to do that. It

Green renovation by Roy Nandram

A HRV unit Much more than comfort I’ll never forget visiting a 25-year-old home in Rockcliffe that had been built to Canada’s best green standards (R2000) at the time. I was

Oakwood’s new design centre: The future of renovation

A new, state-of-the-art design centre showcases innovative home design and environmentally friendly construction techniques that Mike Holmes calls “very impressive.” LET’S SAY YOU’RE THINKING ABOUT A RENOVATION. You’re brimming with excitement just thinking

Renovator profile: RND Construction Ltd.

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Green renovation: Roy Nandram

Breathe safely indoors Most people think air pollution applies only to outdoor air. But the air inside your home and workspace could be two to five times more polluted than the air