Spring is coming: Get ready!

By Francie Healey Some people say the best thing about winter is that it ends. And when it ends, Spring is oh! so sweet. One exciting way to welcome Spring is to

Laundry can be beautiful

Are you stuck in a small, awkward, boring space every time you do laundry? Do you have to

Learning about renovation

By Francie Healy Renovating can be fun, but it’s also a very big step. There are so many things to know. And they’re things you need to know before you even

Mondeau Bathroom and Kitchen:Everything at your fingertips

By Francie Healy It’s stunning. Jaw-droppingly beautiful. And to think it grew out of an 80-year-old plumbing wholesale company. “flagship” showroom on Algoma Road, a division of Boone Plumbing, is 12,000 sq. ft.


Traditionally, a window was simply an opening in a wall, roof or door that allowed light, sound and air to enter and people to see out. Today, windows are complex architectural

Tesla Powerwall now part of new OakWood-Holmes High Performance Initiative

Do you have a client that is planning a major renovation or new custom home project? Do they want the project to benefit from the most innovative solutions in energy-efficiency,

The Last Word: A tough lesson learned

By Herb Lagois A tough lesson learned Rain, rain, and more rain. Talk about a wet summer! All this rain reminded me of a life-altering lesson I learned many years ago. The project

Should I stay or should I go: Camping out while you renovate your property

By Natalie Belovic If you are in the market to buy a property whether it be a condo or a single or semi detached, finding one where you can add value

Making your renovation profitable

It can be difficult to be sensible when you first start thinking about renovating your home. Although it’s fun to dream about everything you could possibly want, when it comes

5 things every homeowner should know about commercial insurance before renovating

Greg Strahl By Greg Strahl Your home is your castle. It is the biggest investment you will ever make, and your sanctuary away from a hectic world. So, when you decide