OakWood profile: The story behind the success


OakWood’s Trim Rd. headquarters

Bruce Firestone recently interviewed OakWood founder John Liptak for Ottawa Business Journal, describing the business, its evolution and success in the local renovation market.

He wrote:

So imagine my surprise when I walked into OakWood founder John Liptak’s gigantic design centre in east-end Ottawa to learn that his $10-million building is Canada’s highest LEED-certified structure stuffed with more than 7,500 high-end products – everything from fantabulous kitchens and bathrooms to safe rooms hidden behind false walls.

In addition to the in-house inventory, OakWood offers another 150,000 products via QR codes, which are everywhere.

John runs the business with his wife, Debbie. His two daughters, Patricia Liptak-Satov and Angela Liptak, are also active in the organization. It is the largest home renovation company in Ottawa, doing 485 jobs last year ranging from in size from $20,000 to $6 million.

You can read the complete interview here.

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